Welcome to my Home Page

My name is vika and this is my prototype homepage.

You may send mail to me addressed to vika@cyberspace.org.

I will be changing or replacing this prototype page, but I will not introduce any graphic, audio, or CGI files on Grex, in compliance with the Grex policy.

Hello! My name is Victoria. I am 11 years old. I live in Ukraine the city of Lviv. I have a younger sister, Nicole. My sister and I have a canal on Youtube, "Princess Nicole" (short). On our channel, we open red toys, take off our clothes, walk and have fun. I go to the computer academy STEP, where I learn a lot of useful things about the computer, programs and evo capabilities.And today I went to the sixth grade. And my younger sister will go to school exactly one year later, and will become a first-class student. And now she goes to dancing and preparing for school.

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